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Emmanuel Forcier

Glen Falls, le 29 juin 2012 – Le Québécois Emmanuel Forcier a accordé une entrevue au responsable du site Internet de l'équipe américaine pour laquelle il s'aligne actuellement, les Golden Eagles de Glen Falls de la Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League de l’État de New York. Évidemment, l’entrevue est dans la langue de Shakespeare.

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Emmanuel Forcier’s natural language may not be the same as that of some of his teammates, but this summer he has been extremely proficient in the one language that matter in Glens Falls. Baseball.

Photo ci-dessus : Emmanuel Forcier dans l’uniforme de son équipe collégiale, le New Mexico Junior College

Forcier came into the 2012 season at New Mexico Junior College straight out of St-Hyacinthe in Quebec, which is the only part of Canada with a predominantly French speaking population. Naturally, English was the biggest barrier that Forcier had to endure, but his season spent in the American baseball system was a huge boost to him.

“I learned the language last year when I went to New Mexico Junior College, which was the first time I was really in a place where everyone speaks English,” Forcier said. “It was really hard for the first time last year, but it’s not really hard anymore after just speaking English.”

Forcier’s transition to a new language has been almost as smooth as his transition to a new area. Forcier has gone from Quebec to New Mexico to Glens Falls in the matter of just two seasons. His performance in recent games has been tremendous for the Golden Eagles and he has recently seen a jump to the leadoff spot in the batting order as a result of his recent play.

In his first game as the table setter, Forcier responded with a prototypical leadoff hitter’s performance, with a 3 for 3 effort at the plate. He scored three runs, had two runs batted in, along with a hit by pitch. Forcier was the spark plug in the Golden Eagles offense all evening and was a huge reason why the offense was as stellar as it was last night.

“The feeling is awesome,” he said. “I had a great beginning of the season at New Mexico Junior College, but it was the first time I’ve ever had six strikeouts in a row, and I just had to keep my head clear and do everything I could to push myself and when I push myself good things happen.”

Expect Forcier to get an extended look in that first slot in the batting order. With Forcier in the one spot, it allows Danny Brennan, Ross Kivett and Chase Griffin to all move down a spot, into the heart of the order, which puts hitters such as Mike Vigliarolo and Alberto Morales to hit lower in the order to give depth the lineup. And that depth all begins with the table setter, a position where language of origin doesn’t mean a thing.

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