Dawgs Managing Director Interviews Ex-Dodger and Dawgs Academy Parent, Marc Griffin

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The Dawgs Founder and Managing Director, John Ircandia, recently interviewed Dawgs Academy parent, Marc Griffin, father of middle of infielder Hank Griffin.

Marc Griffin, Dodgers de Los Angeles

Q: Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. Allot of Dawgs fans and supporters are aware of your son as an outstanding Dawgs Academy player, but not as many know about your own baseball background. Can you give us a few details regarding your baseball resume?

A: Baseball has been a huge part of my life. I was a big fan of The Expos. Gary Carter and Tim Raines were my idols. As a young boy, I wanted so bad to become an Expo, but I wasn’t the best player around. I made my first elite team at 15, my second year bantam. From then on, my baseball career took off. From the youth National team, to the NBI, to the Olympics, I became a professional player at 19 years old. Three years as a Dodger and got traded to the Expos with whom I played another three years. Would not trade those six years for anything in the world. As soon as I retired as a player, I became a broadcaster. Was a baseball analyst for the Expos for 10 years before they moved to Washington. I have been an MLB analyst on RDS since then. I was inducted into the Baseball Quebec Hall of fame in 2017. I wrote an autobiography that came out in March 2019 with the message of believing and going after your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. Oh and also, I have been an on-field coach for 15 years.