Julien’s plate discipline impressed Twins’ scout Powell early

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By Tyson Shushkewich, Canadian Baseball Network, September 29, 2023

Édouard Julien, Twins du Minnesota, ligue américaine

One of the most exciting young Canadian players in Major League Baseball can be found a six-hour drive from Thunder Bay, Ont.

Edouard Julien (Quebec, Que.) broke ground in the big leagues early in the 2023 season with the Minnesota Twins and has blossomed into an American League Rookie of the Year candidate. In 106 games, he has belted 15 home runs and owns a team-leading .380 on-base percentage (OBP).

None of this surprises Jack Powell, the Twins scout who signed Julien and remembers the young infielder even before his collegiate career began at Auburn.

“I remember first seeing Edouard when the Junior National Team came through for some games down south and he really stood out,” Powell said.

The veteran scout got an even better look at Julien when the Canadian infielder was starring at Auburn University.

“Every time he stepped into the batter’s box [at Auburn], he always had a plan; whether it was during batting practice or his third at-bat in the game, Edouard was always trying to execute his plan,” said Powell.

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Photo ci-dessus : En 106 matchs dans les ligues majeures dans l'uniforme des Twins du Minnesota, le baseballeur québécois Édouard Juliena frappé 15 coups de circuit tout en maintenant une moyenne de présences sur les buts de 0,380!

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